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seo developments in 20102010 is upon us and I just wanted to give my thoughts about the forthcoming year. With Google Caffeine being introduced fully this year I believe 2010 will bring substantial changes to our search engine optimisation world. So time to play "Mystic Meg" and look into my SEO crystal ball and lets see what’s in store for the search industry over the next 12 months.

seo developments Mobile Search - There is and will continue to be an abrupt growth in 2010 both in the frequency of use and popularity of mobile search. Google’s push into the mobile phone industry and AdMob acquisition shows their serious about investing in this space so you should be too. If your website cannot be browsed using a mobile device then I would seriously consider changing that fact or you could lose out. Check out Googles "Near me now".

real time search Real Time Search - With Google’s new search engine replacement “caffeine” on the menu for 2010 and the rise of social media websites like Twitter means that “real time search is now a reality. Real time search will have an impact on your search engine results page (SERPs) in 2010. Real time search is seen as the evolution of information access. How will this effect you? Well if you don’t embrace all mediums of universal search and produce constant fresh dynamic content on your website you could get life behind in the new fasted pasted world of online search.

conversation optimisation Conversation / ROI Optimisation - SEO will evolve too in 2010 and optimisation will not just be able ranking reports and traffic anymore, it will be about what else us SEO guys can do for your website. Cue conversation optimisation. Conversation optimisation picks up the baton from SEO. SEO drives the traffic and conversation optimisation then grabs them, excites them, engages them and enhances their experience so that they carry out the required action (sign-up, purchase, call, comment etc etc)

new seo tools New SEO Tools - With Microsoft agreeing to power Yahoo! Search, the potential pending death of Yahoo site explorer (which is a great backlink checker) is nigh. Event thought there are still numinous link analysis tools I would not be surprised if we start getting even more SEO tools on the market in 2010. SEOmoz has already launched Open Site Explorer that blatantly (the name gives it away) positioning itself as a replacement for Yahoo site explorer.

bing The Rise of Bing - As I mentioned above, with Microsoft soon to be powering Yahoo! Search means that Bing’s market share will increase substantially because it will inherit Yahoo’s slice of the search engine market – I wonder if they will call it Binghoo! Even before that occurs I believe Bing will begin taking a bigger share of the market in 2010, even in the UK.

seo investment Greater SEO Investment - Even with recessional blues spending will drastically rise as website owners become more savvy to the benefits of search. Search marketing will double in popularity, driven by SEO, as more bricks and mortar companies turn to the internet and competition increases. However this growth in online marketing will bring with it an increase in SEO bandits and thieves ready to get there piece of the action. On that front please be really careful regarding the SEO consultant or agency you use in the future.

personalised search Personalised Search - In 2010 make sure you get listed in all the important local websites - Google local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local. At the start of 2010 Google released their “permanent” personalisation of results and Bing has released their own recently as well. Previously you had to be logged in to receive personalised search. Personalised search means results pages are customised to your area and search trends. This could affect ranking reports as different people will be supplied different results depending on their personal presences

social media More Focus on Social Media - Social media websites will continue to grow and act as a medium for Brand management and driving traffic to websites. Facebook and Twitter now have there own search engines. I believe Twitter will start to try to make money now by introduction its own advertising model. I can see them buying a URL shortening website like bit.ly or make its own.

So there you have it my look into search marketing and SEO in 2010. These predictions are all speculation but one the one thing that is certain is the fact that the future for SEO remains uncertain. My only advice for 2010 is that your website should be well optimised for all methods of blended search and has fresh engaging content with bold calls to action.

Let the year commence!

If you would like me to help with your SEO in 2010 or your think I’m crazy and my predictions are bonkers then please feel free to email me - Jason Smith.



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