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Black Hat SEOUnethical black hat SEO techniques you need to avoid if you want your website to be successful online.

If you are planning to start a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign, it is essential you used ethical optimisation techniques for your website which are called white hat SEO techniques. However do not be swayed by the various illegal and unethical black hat SEO techniques that are available out there to help you increase your search engine positions. Be warned these black hat techniques will eventually get your banned and removed from any search engine queries.

I have listed for you some basic black hat SEO techniques to avoid when optimisation your website. This list is designed to give you a general idea of the types of SEO techniques that the search engines find to be unacceptable.


Hidden page text Hidden Page Text / Links

This black hat SEO technique involves inserting hidden text or links onto a webpage that are readable by search engine crawlers but cannot be seen with the human eye. One method of hiding text is to use white text on a white background. All search engines consider hidden links or hidden text to be spam and will penalize the page, if not the entire site, for it.

keyword spamming Keyword Spamming

This is probably one of the most commonly abused forms of search engine optimisation. It involves excessively repeating the same keyword phrase over and over in your content and meta tags. If the density of keyword is far to high, it will be deemed as spam and your website will potentially be banned from any search results.

Cloaking Cloaking

Cloaking is a way of directing search engine crawlers to a webpage specifically created to trick them and then actually re-direct the user to a totally different web page. Put simply, cloaking is a method of presenting different information to the search engines and the visitors. Cloaking can be used legitimately for some companies but by and large, it is used to deceive the search engines and so is considered a black hat SEO technique.

Doorway Pages Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are created solely to target a specific keyword phrase and provide little in the way of value to a visitor. Doorway pages are used predominantly to achieve high rankings for a particular key phrase while leading the user to a different page which is totally irrelevant to their search query. This is a very dangerous practice. Doorway pages are outright banned by the search engines so if you are caught using them you will simply be removed from all search engine queries and you will lose all the legitimate ranks you have attained with any ethical SEO technique.

bulk buy linking Bulk Buy Linking

Link building is a great SEO method of gaining search positions for keywords but if you gain a large number back links to quickly your website, then search engines will recognise that this process wasn’t organic. Because of this they will look at your website to see if you are using black hat techniques to trick them and banish you.

Duplicate Content Websites Duplicate Content Websites

This involves the creation of several websites with identical content and placing them on multiple servers with different domain names. The reason behind this is to achieving multiple rankings for identical keywords using the same content. Search engines prefer to see unique content across all of their results pages so this black hat SEO tactic has been banned by search engines. Search engines now have methods for detecting and removing duplicate content websites from their index.

Unethical black hat SEO techniques can bring you high rankings to get me wrong but mark my words they will be short lived. It may take days, weeks or months but you will be found out and once you are you will be penalize or banned from search engines. If this happens and your website is removed from search engine lisitngs, then not only does your website become almost invisible online but it can be difficult and time consuming to be reinstated into the search engine index.

So please please please avoid any forms of unethical black hat SEO techniques if you want your website to be successful online. Professional SEO campaigns and legitimate organic link building are always the best way forward to acquire search engine rankings fairly and maintain them ethically.

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