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seo brightonBrighton is a very vibrant, colourful and cosmopolitan city in Sussex, UK. Brighton is nestled between the South Downs & the sea on the stunning south coast of England.

Brighton is a thriving cosmopolitan city with over 250,000 residents. The city itself get over eight million tourists a year (mainly on a stag and hen do’s). In fact it has been classed as the eighth most popular tourist destination in the UK (damn those hippies and their ring of monolithic stones at Stonehenge).

Brighton also has two universities in the city bring people from around the UK and the rest of the world to the shores of the south coast. There is Brighton University (which is where I dosed for a few years) and Sussex University.

With all this fresh talent arriving in the city every year there is no doubt Brighton is a 'new media hotspot' with a massive concentration of website designers, online digital marketing agencies, Sussex SEO consultants (me..me…. pick me!) and many other creative people.

Brighton has some fantastic mix of iconic attractions from the stunning heritage of the Royal Pavilion and Victorian Aquarium to the traditional seaside fun of the famous Brighton Pier. Brighton in Sussex also hosts award winning restaurants, funky arts centres and year round festivals.

And when the sun starts to set the fun just gets better. Brighton is famed for its night nightlife and is said to have more clubs per square mile than anywhere else in the UK. There is something like 29 clubbing venues in a 1.5 mile radius.

Brighton beach has a shingle beach, which is a nice way of saying it has extremely hard stones that kill your feet if you try to walk on it. However if you can do the walk of pain and you want to look like a complete plonker walking down to the sea without any shoes then your feet will be blessed with sand eventually. That is if you don’t freeze first from the extremely cold water of the English Channel. Brighton also has a nudist beach if you’re into letting other parts of your body get cold too.

Brighton is the home of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club who are a football team that play in the English Football League One. Personally I originally come from London and grew up as a Chelsea FC fan so my loyalty will always be with them but I do hope Brighton and Hove Albion get promotion soon!!!! In fact who does their SEO ??.….goooooo Seagulls.

Actually talking of Seagulls “be afraid, be very afraid”. Brighton seagulls (and in not talking about the football team now) are MASSIVE. These flying generically modified super mutant albatross’ are seriously the things to watch out for when in the town. The Seagulls are fed on garbage, fish and chips, half eaten doner kebabs, human vomit (yes I have seen them doing it) and the odd wondering tourist on the pier (Ok they haven’t eaten a tourist….YET). Have no doubt that these flying menaces will have no fear of you. So my advice to you is stay well away from them.

Oh and how can I talk about Brighton and Sussex in general without mentioning Pride. Brighton is famous for having a very large gay community and Pride is one of the highlights of the year on everyone's calendar in Brighton gat or straight. It’s one of the biggest free Pride events in the UK and is a great platform for promoting equality and diversity, Hey even I don’t mind camping it up and joining in for the day as it is a great visual spectacle.

Anyway that is a little about my home town of Brighton, Sussex. If you are looking for Brighton SEO consultant or your require any further details about search engine marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) then please email me – Jason Smith.

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