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Conversation OptimisationConverstion Optimisation , also known as website conversion, is a concept designed to convert traffic to your website into sales. Whether the purpose of your website is sell products, promote a service, or simply lead generation, conversion optimisation needs to be integrated into your SEO strategy.

After investing in an effective SEO campaign to drive relevant targeted traffics to your website you need to then keep this traffic on your website. Conversion optimisation enhances the visitors’ experience by making the website easy to navigate, logical, secure and most important of all engaging. A successful website would be one that places as much effort on conversion as it does driving traffic to their site. Websites that do not have an emphasis on conversion are limiting their growth potential and reducing the level of their profitability

Whether your website sells products or is intended to generate leads, your website conversion rate is extremely important element to be considered for your website's profitability. It is a simple rule to remember. If your website does not convert well then your website will never be profitable.

Is your check-out process logical and easy to sue, do you offer numerous payment options? Is there a bold telephone number visitors can call you on? These are just some of the issues you have to consider when optimisation your website for better conversation.

Lets face it no company wants to spend money on using SEO to drive lots of traffic to their website only to have these potential customers become confused by your navigation, product descriptions or internal linking, get frustrated and inevitably leave. For this very reason every single aspect of your website counts and by improving all these elements can lead to significant sales increases.

SEO gets traffic to your website, but conversion optimisation helps convert them to actual buyers.

If you are considering using SEO services or converstion optimisation for your website then please email Jason Smith.


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