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Recently I have just brought myself a new house that needed a lot of work done on it. To be honest I have been watching too many property development programs on TV and felt that I could do a run-down property up and make some money from it. My plan was to do most of the work myself to try to cut corners and save money. This way I would get maximum return with minimal investment. How hard could it be? Surely with a little bit of research on the web and in text books, several visits to DIY shops and some serious elbow grease I could be quid’s in.

Many business owners take this view also when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). They feel the can just do the SEO themselves (DIY SEO). With the vast number of books, websites and forums available to them and by utilizing their existing resources they can optimise their own website. I agree that most people out there can do just about anything they set their minds to; so I have no doubt they could do SEO themselves

But, and this is a big but, DIY does not always have the desired effect; in fact it can make things ten times worst. This advice comes from bitter experience; I have come to learn that I was not born to yield a hammer and a drill. OK my experience is based on my poor skills as a bidding ship developer but the lessons learned and the mistakes made can be applied to SEO. I personally think people should stick to what they are good at.

DIY SEO may seem like a good idea that will save money, but the truth of the matter is that unless you are an expert in this field you may actually end up doing more harm than good. The search engines, Google in particular, are extremely sensitive when it comes to white hat and black hat SEO techniques and one slight mistake may cause your website to be permanently blacklisted

Let’s be honest if our car breaks down, do we roll up our sleeves, pop the bonnet and do it ourselves? If there is a leak in our sinks, do we go out and buy a book on plumbing. How about if you pulled a muscle in your back and you needed physical therapy, would you “just do it yourself?” Probably not? Well I hope not? So then why do companies try to design and market their website themselves? The reality is that we all pay for things all the time that we could do ourselves. The reason most of us do this is because we don’t have the time to do it. By paying for the service we can almost guarantee it is done correctly and in a faster time.

Knowledge initially of this specialized field of online marketing will need to be acquired which again will take up a lot of time for research. Books on the subject and SEO commercial software tools will need to be purchased. SEO software tools are essential pieces of software for an effective SEO campaign and will allow companies to analyze their website traffic, research keywords and track their ranking and links to your site

These pieces of software vary in cost but don’t come cheap. Additionally to do SEO yourself, a company will need to have an intimate knowledge of their website, how it works, the HTML code and possibly any scripting languages that the website uses, like PHP.

We all have busy schedules so we have just touched upon one of the main reasons why DIY SEO is such a hard task to undertake. There just isn’t enough time in the day to manage staff, respond to enquires, write business reports, send out quotes and manage your financial accounts.

Time is money so can you afford to spare some of your precious time to an ongoing and ever developing SEO campaign. You have to really consider how valuable your time is worth. By spending your time doing SEO means you can’t be doing other things – like running your business in general – so you could actually be losing money by doing the job yourself. Money is a renewable resource, but once you’ve spent your time, there’s no way to get it back.

If you feel that you do have the time and enough website expertise then you may be willing to put in the time and try doing it yourself. If that is the case then I suggested you get cracking on an SEO campaign for your website.

However I do have a caveat here which is the fact that just because you CAN do SEO yourself doesn’t always mean you SHOULD do it. SEO is a specialist online marketing technique and attempting to do it could delay the inevitable and allow your competition to gain an edge on you.

I would like to just point out that no matter how good you think you are at SEO an SEO consultant will always be able to do a better job. A fact that runs true in most industries; a professional job is superior to that of an amateur. However ultimately the choice is yours to make but I would have to feed myself to the sharks if I didn’t strongly recommend you use a specialist SEO consultant.

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