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Google SEO ServicesGoogle SEO is the term used to describe the online marketing technique of applying a series of enhancing factors to a website to increase its chances of being ranked within Google’s search engine.

Google SEO services are a highly focused form of optimisation targeting specific guidelines set out by Google in their ranking criteria. A number of factors are important when carrying out Google SEO for a website, which include the content and structure of the website's code, content, loading speed, age of the website and back links to name a few.

Google is the search industries biggest player and holds the largest share of the search market, with a fluctuating UK market share of between 60-70% (according to monthly HitWise and ComScore figures). So Google SEO is essential when it comes to gaining valuable traffic from the web as more people use this search engine them ever other out there. Google biggest rival in the search engine market is Yahoo, however seeing as Yahoo only has around 15% of the market share just shows the importance of making sure your website employs Google SEO services and is optimised for Google’s search engine.

As Google has the highest market share, getting a high ranking on Google using Google SEO services can therefore attract more traffic to your website than all the other search engines put together. The rule of thumb in SEO is that if you can get your website ranked highly in Google for your specific keywords using Google SEO services then you will almost certainly be ranked equally as high in the other search engines that are out there.

However even though most SEO companies and consultants (including myself) will always refer to Google when talking about SEO or where your website currently ranks, most of us don’t actually use purely specific Google SEO services as a basis for an SEO campaign. A good SEO company will take all SEO factors and search engines into consideration when optimisation a website and not favour any search engine. However as we have seen it would be silly to ignore Google’s ranking guidelines due to the search engines market share, so Google’s indexing algorithm should always be a major consideration for an SEO company when carrying out any optimisation for a website.

So if you are looking for Google SEO company then look no further. Our Google SEO services that will help you achieve higher search rankings and increased traffic levels from Google and all other search engines then please get in contact.

Alternatively if you wish to find out more about our affordable SEO services and how they can help your website then email  Jason Smith.


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