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On page optimisation is the process by which various elements on a website are adapted and structured so that each webpage can be found by the search engines for a specific keyword.

Before you start any SEO campaign the first step you need to take into considering is the keywords you wish to target. These are the core element to any SEO campaign. Without this you will have no focus or targets to home in on. These need to be fully researched before taking any further steps.

Once you have the correct keywords to target, then the next stage of SEO is to carry out on page optimisation (on page SEO). On page optimisation refers to what can be done on the actual pages of a website to maximise its performance in the natural search results on search engines.

On page optimisation covers code, content and design level changes. The main areas to consider when carrying out on page optimisation to help you gain visibility in the search results of the engines are:

seo link building Title tags - The title tag is by far one of the most important elements in on page optimisation. The title tag shows up at the top of the browser and is the first thing a search engines takes into account when applying relevance to your page for a specific keyword. The title should be direct and have your keyword within it

link building seo Website URL’s - Some websites have URLs that are bonkers, they look like someone has spilled a tin of alphabet spaghetti on your screen. They have all sorts of characters in them form numbers to has symbols – www.jasonjsmith.com/po=13#64??GiEDv28765??=GH+3435. All I am think when I see this is WTF? This is usually the product of pages created in some Content Management System (CMS). A URL needs to be short, memorable, descriptive, and include any relevant keywords. In the example given a better search friendly URL would be www.jasonjsmith.com/on-page-optimisation.

seo link building Meta Description Tag - The meta description is not used to rank your website but it is a great chance to get peoples attention and promote your website. Having a well written relevant description increases the chances of a better click-through rate for your website.

seo link building Header Tags - Utilising header tags such as H1, H2, H3 to highlight the main headings of the page is great for SEO. Using header tags informs the search engine algorithm what the different sections of your pages are about and therefore help them apply relevance to a webpage for a specific keyword. The main header tags <h1> should be placed as high as possible on the page to help the search engines spiders read the content. Search engines place a high priority on keywords that are in the< h1> and <h2> tags so use them to your advantage.

seo link building Alt Attributes - If you are using images on your website then make sure you make use of the Alt attributes. Search engine spiders cannot see pictures like the human eye can, all they can do is read the code behind the website. So use the Alt tag to inform the search engines what the picture represents. This is a great way of getting your keywords onto your website.

seo link building Internal Linking - As I have mentioned previously on this website, links are extremely important when it come to SEO. One reason for this is they give the search engine spiders a path to other pages. Without paths to web pages, search engines spiders find it harder to find them and therefore take longer to index these pages and this reflects in the ranking of this page. Internal linking is no different. For on page optimisation you need to get into the habit of using anchor text links in your content to point to other pages in your website. Pages that have more internal links pointing to it tend to achieve higher rankings. A good way to create a useful source of internal links for search engines and visitors is to create a website sitemap.

seo link building Page Content - I have saved the best until last and an obvious piece of advice that still seems to be overlooked by web owners. CONTENT IS KING. I can’t say enough how important website content is for SEO and for conversation. People come to your website for one reason they are interested in the information or products you are promoting. So engage them and inform them and give them what they need. Search engine spiders also need information to read.

If they is not content them how can a search engine apply any relevance to your website. It can’t so it won’t put you in its rankings. How can you target a specific keyword if you don’t use that word a few times in your website content….simple logic? Providing well optimized content which is keyword rich, unique and informative will help your website gain better visibility in the search engines. Also don’t just write some content and stick it one your website and leave it hoping your job is done. By adding new content all the time to your website you also improve your chance of getting a better ranking because updated content helps your website get indexed faster.

In a nutshell on page optimisation provides search engines with powerful signals of relevancy to understand what a website and all its internal pages are all about. When it comes to on page optimisation my biggest tip is to make your entire on page content unique for each page avoiding any form of duplication in all aspects of on page material. To make life easier I would strongly recommend that you also only ever target a single topic for each web page.

As on page optimisation is part of your overall SEO campaign, I recommend website owners constantly test and refine your on page aspects. You should always be updating and modifying the information on your website. Lets be honest of you expect people to come back to your website, you have to give them a reason to do so.

However, I have a caveat here; on page optimisation on its own will not guarantee a website a premium position on search engines. On page optimisation is only part of an SEO campaign. When on page optimisation is integrated with other SEO services – notably link building – it will increase the effectiveness and likelihood of your website achieving a higher search engine position.

There are many other elements to on page optimisation that need to be considered so if you would like to know more or you would like to have a professional SEO consultant optimise your website then email Jason Smith.


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