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I agree with a lot of SEO experts out there of late, I am personally starting to get sick of seeing adverts and references on so called “professional SEO agencies” using search engine submission as part of their SEO service.

I don’t need to point any fingers all you need to do is type “search engine submission” into Google and see the copious amounts of companies promoting it…..it really does anger me and from what I have read it also angers a lot of other SEO consultants as well.

One company who I will not out openly (check the second page of Google for “search engine submission”) actually boost they maintain a Top 10 position for the word “search engine submission”. This is a seriously sad statement on two levels – 1) they should not be promoting this as part of an SEO service and 2) they are on the second page of Google worldwide and so clearly not in the top 10. Duh!!!!

Lets make it category clear right now: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION.

It is not a service ANY SEO agency should be offering. Its total bullshit! A total cowboy SEO practice. Paying for submission is a total SCAM. Even using submission software to do it is equally a load of crap. Search engine submission is FREE, website indexing by search engines is FREE. Your website will be indexed naturally by search engines for FREE without having to pay anything! Oh did I mention search engine submission is FREE.

“You will submit my website to over 100 search engines…wow….thanks”. Who cares!!???! Name me 10 search engines? OK some of you may be able too but I bet you got desperate with the last 5. Yes there are numerous search engines out there. But do we care….errrrr…..NO!

Google’s market share fluctuates between 65% to 90% depending on what country you are in and Yahoo and Bing are the two other biggest players. So unless you are in Russia or China then trust me on this you don’t have to worry about any other search engines. There are really only three that are important.

Now please take this information on board and do not get blind sided by so-called SEO consultants telling you anything different. Ask them, say to them “what about search engine submission?” - if they say its part of their SEO service or fail to tell you not to worry about search engines as they will naturally index your website anyway – then jog on quickly, ditch the bullshitters ASAP.

My advice on this subject is simple: DONT pay for submission. If you are still worried about whether you will get indexed properly in search engines then just follow these basic guidelines for optimisation in this Official Google SEO guide.

However if you still feel you need your website submitted to the search engines (and clearly wasn’t listening to me or even trust me) then I have provided you with the relevant SEO resources so you can submit your website yourself for FREE to the main three search engines:

Google website submission Google website submission

Yahoo website submission Yahoo website submission

Bing website submission Bing website submission

I really hope we can eliminate this cowboy SEO practice and I hope I have saved you some money with this advice.

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