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seo developments in 2010There are a lot of myths out there related to link building and I have tried to list 10 myths and explain why they are simply what there name suggests – a myth!

seo developments Myth # 1 - Search engines will penalise websites that use link farms

These are websites which are primarily set up for automatic link exchanges to help other websites increase their PageRank. The statement made in this myth isnt correct because relaistically you have no real control over which websites actually choose to link to you, so it wouldn't be fair to penalise website owners on this basis. However search engines like Google do have have policies against the use of artificial means to increase your PageRank, which specifically include things like joining a link farm. Despite all this, Google will not penalise your website if it is linked to by a link farm, it will simply ignored it and not include the link in your websites link popularity score.

seo social media Myth # 2 - Link building is a completely automated process

This isnt true, there is link building software out there but generally link building software cannot automate the process of human interaction process that is at the heart of an effective linking strategy. No amount of artificial intelligence will produce quality relevant links and possible link partners as accurately as an indivual can using a simple method of thought and methodology. SEO Exposure use a fully manual human process of sourcing relevant inbound links to your website without the use of any link building software

seo social media Myth # 3 - You can buy links in bulk to increase you link popularity

To be honest you can buy links in bulk yes but can they raise your link popularity - NO! You may have an e-mail from an Indian company offering you 10,000 links for £100 but realistically you get what you pay for when it comes to link building. Most companies that sell links in bulk us links farms and we have already covered the fact that these are worthless links. Also by gaining a huge number of links pointing to your website very in a very short space of time alerts the search engines that potentially black hat SEO technique are being used on your website and you could be penalised. Link building needs to be ethically organic and developed over a long period so that the search engines see that the links are credible.

seo social media Myth # 4 - Paid links are an effective way of link building

This used to be a method of link building, however Google have now publicly announced that websites that sell links on their website have now been devalued and these websites have lose their ability to pass link value onto other websites. However so paid links are still good for link building but these are few and far between and are based hugely on a level of relevance between the two websites.

seo social media Myth # 5 - All links are valuable

As we have already read this isn’t true because link farms, bulk links and paid links are all devalued as links and ignored. Also just because you have a link on another website does not mean that this link is benefiting your website. This is because some websites will give you a link but will place a “nofollow” tag on your link. This means that when the search engine spider visits their website and then finds your link, this nofollow tag instructs the spider not to follow that link to your website. Thus the link is not counted as an inbound link to your website.

seo social media Myth # 6 - The more links you have the highter you will rank

This is partially true and partially untrue Links are critical in helping you rank high in organic search. However over time search engines have got and now the key to link building is relevancy. This means you can’t just have any old links to your website. The links have to be of a fairly high quality and relevant to your website and the keywords you are targeting. Building links on websites that isn’t relevant to yours may not hurt your link popularity, but relevancy of links looks set to be the defining factor in SEO in the not-too-distant future. Potentially you can quickly and easily build a large array of links to your website but good links from 'authority' sites within the same keyword topic are worth more in the long term.

seo social media Myth # 7 - Reciprocal link building is dead

This again is simply not true reciprocal link building is alive and well. Several websites out there are very successful in search engines but only use reciprocal links as their primary link source. However reciprocal links do only hold little value in link popularity but this isn’t the main problem with them. Reciprocal links take a lot of management and policing. Unethical webmasters' remove links after you have placed their link on your website or they use a “nofollow” tag. However, if monitored, reciprocal linking can be a good way (not the best though) of attaining additional inbound links to your website. The rule of thumb is simply only link only to websites that are relevant to yours and preferably which contain the keywords you are targeting.

seo social media Myth # 8 - It’s all about inbound Links?

This isn’t solely true! Internal links inter-connecting your own web pages are also very important and need to be considered when carrying out a link building campaign. By using things like Java script to enable drop down navigation you are preventing search engine crawled by the search engines resulting in un-indexed pages. A website not only needs inbound links from other websites but also links internally to help search engine spiders index your entire website with ease.

seo social media Myth # 9 - Google does not count links from duplicate content pages

Duplicate content is having multiple versions of the same content that exist on different pages. Duplicate content in general on a website is extremely bad for search engine optimisation. This is because search engines ideally like to see unique content across all their results pages. However this is not entirely true because you can distribute the same article and get it published across many article websites. Articles seem to be the expectation to the rule because they can gain you a large number linking to your website from all over the web which Google counts, even though technically each distributed article is a duplicate of the original. Hey I don’t make the rules but it works!

seo social media Myth # 10 - Link building is easy and can be done cheaper in-house

This also isn’t true. To carry out an effective link building campaign will take up valuable hours of your time and as you know time is money. Also to gain the high quality relevant links to your website that you will need is better achieved by a professional who can build links quicker, more fruitfully and more cost effectively.

White hat techniques of link building are more labour-intensive and results are not achieved quickly. However as long as search engines continue to discourage black hat techniques by penalizing websites that use them, then it is advisable to ONLY use white hat link building services. By staying ethical in your link building you will more likely be rewarded with better search ranking positions.

The common consensus is if are offered 'instant traffic' or 'hundreds of links' which are offers that seem too good to be true, then unfortunately they probably are. There is unfortunately no quick fix in SEO link building, it take time and effort.

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